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My career allows me the pleasure and privilege to step into the lives of many individuals as they try to change their lifestyle. Given the crazy, hectic pace we live in today, change is seldom easy, yet so many of my clients have proved to be inspirational. I admire the self awareness it takes to make such changes consistently. My hope is that I can give back my strong beliefs in the powers of nutrition and the skills to practice it in their own lives. Here are some generous words from a few of my clients--Cindy

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"Let food be thy medicine"


“My 75th year ushered in a serious bone spur in my right knee, followed by a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. After several very painful months the knee got a lot better just with physical therapy, but I didn’t want to be on diabetes meds indefinitely, so I gave dieting some serious attention. 

I went online and researched various diets and started with a Paleo diet. My blood glucose levels started to come down, but not enough. So I tried Keto and very quickly both glucose levels and my weight (slightly overweight for my age and body type) fell to fairly normal levels.

My primary care physician was very impressed with my progress but I knew at that point that I needed some nutritional guidance that wasn’t available in the current medical atmosphere around me. So, I went online again and something nudged me to try Cindy Carroll from a long list of portrait thumbnails and write-ups of nutritionists in the greater Boston area. That turned out to be an excellent choice.

After my first visit with Cindy, I felt that finally someone was paying attention to my health without the specter of “modern” medical chemistry looming overhead. Reading her book - “The Seductive Land of Carbs” - was like a guided tour through the dense jungle of factual and not so factual information on nutrition. It is interesting to note that Cindy will actively work with your medical team to increase their awareness of the importance of proper nutrition in your life. 

Each visit with Cindy increased my confidence that I could control my diet and improve my health following her suggestions and recommendations on key foods, supplements, exercise, sleep, etc. The results achieved so far have been awesome! This is a Five Star review for Cindy and Nutrition to Fit You.”


“I came to Cindy Carroll with a myriad of confusing reactions to foods which negatively affected my quality of life.  Also, my particular case was further complicated by toxic chemical exposures in the past which also affected my immune system.   

Cindy carefully monitored my dietary progress every step of the way and I even began to lose weight.  I eventually lost 18 lbs. and as a 66-year-old slightly overweight woman, that was a wonderful bonus!

Through Cindy’s fastidious guidance,  I haven’t felt this functional in a very long time! She ordered all of the tests I needed which yielded a definitive diagnosis.  She carefully led me to the supplements that would best help me heal. 

I highly recommend Cindy to anyone who needs help with dietary concerns, whatever they may be. “ 


“I feel Cindy Carroll basically saved my life or turned my life around to the one I had wanted desperately to live for over 30 years! My story starts over 30 years ago at the age of 19. I was in college, dating a great guy who would turn out to be my amazing supportive husband and “living the life”, as they say. On one fateful weekend I developed a terrible stomach bug that changed my life for years to come. I was left with bouts of weekly uncontrollable diarrhea. I went to many doctors with no answers. I kept asking the questions and had all types of tests over the 30 years to no avail. This obviously put a strain on my life, always worrying what I ate and where was the nearest bathroom. I was eventually put on an antidepressant and told I had IBS.

Fast forward to the year I turned fifty! I was fed up with conventional medicine and turned to a Functional Medicine Doctor. He ran all sorts of blood test and a stool test (my first one ever). He explained I had Blastocystis, a parasitic infection and probably many food sensitivities! Finally an answer to my GI issues! Unfortunately, his answer was a program that was going to cost me $6000. My husband and I looked at each other and asked can’t we start with a change in my diet first to see what is possibly causing my issues? He said no, that a change in diet alone won’t fix all my issues! In the meantime, I had found Cindy through calling a local dietitian who recommended her. I had also wanted to avoid an early death from a heart attack like my dearly departed father had at 56! The functional medicine Doctor told me he didn’t like to work with other professionals while I was under his care so that was a huge red flag for me and I said, “no thank you” and headed back to Cindy for answers. She sent me to a new Functional Medicine/ Primary Care doctor that she trusted and my road to recovery started! I took a triple antibiotic to knock out the Blastocystis and with Cindy’s help started an elimination diet and then on to the FODMAPS diet that cut down drastically on the diarrhea and saw me lose 30 lbs. I am happy to say I haven’t had any IBS issues in over 4 months, I’m off the antidepressants and am living the life I always wanted!

Now Cindy and I are getting answers to my cardiac risk panel after taking a very detailed blood test through her recommendation! The blood test has uncovered some very vital information that my poor father had no knowledge of 20 years ago. I can’t recommend Cindy enough, as she is a caring, knowledgeable, thought provoking advocate, who goes that extra step to help patients find health and happiness and a sense of well being! She is priceless!”


“I have worked with Cindy on two distinct occasions with intermittent check-ins over 22 years! The first time, Cindy helped me become more knowledgeable about my food choices, readjusted my ratio of carbs/proteins/fat and made recommendations for cardiovascular exercise, changes that allowed me to slowly lose 15 pounds which I kept off for 12 years. I returned to Cindy recently after a creeping weight gain of 8-9 pounds and by following her advice was back to my old weight in less than two months. While my motivation often begins with wanting to lose a few pounds, the other benefits of adopting healthier eating habits and feeling more energetic motivate me to stay on track. As a nutritionist, registered nurse, and fitness enthusiast, Cindy possesses a wealth of knowledge that she generously shares with her patients. This knowledge combined with her warmth, ease, and commitment to patient care make her my #1 most favorite healthcare provider ever! “Whether you are trying to lose a few pounds, want to use nutrition to combat disease, or just become more knowledgeable about how proper nutrition can improve general health, Cindy Carroll can help guide you to improve your eating habits and meet your goals. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking better health.”



“Earlier this year, at the age of 57, I was diagnosed with the early stages of Type 2 Diabetes–which lead me to seek help from a Registered Dietitian. Much to my delight, I found an exceptional nutritional expert in Cindy Carroll, someone who provided me with insightful nutritional guidance on a very personalized basis and approach. Cindy quickly deciphered my existing eating habits as well as my overall lifestyle choices– and then guided me towards formulating a healthier diet–one that helped me to understand and control my body’s insulin levels, while meeting my overall nutritional needs.

While under Cindy’s care, my insulin levels have been well under control without the use of medication. I have also managed to lose excess body fat and weight (having lost over 10 lbs and 4 inches from my waist!)– and now enjoy an ideal body mass index appropriate for my body type and height.

In short, I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone faced with nutritional challenges, as I have found her to be an exceptional health resource and coach.”

Thanks again, Cindy!



“I went to see Ms. Carroll several months ago because of two major problems (one involving severe chronic pain that several doctors had looked at, but not really investigated or able to diagnose. Their solution: more tests (some invasive) and more medicine, with potential harmful side effects.

After a very comprehensive first visit, Ms. Carroll came up with some suggestions regarding modification in diet and the addition of some supplements. Within a short time, I experienced some major changes in my condition, mostly pain relief.

I found Ms. Carroll to be a kind, patient, most attentive and caring professional. She is thorough and pays a great deal of attention to detail. She is knowledgable and continues to attend seminars and conferences and keeps abreast of new research and information.

I know that Ms. Carroll has been responsible for the improvements in my health situation. I continue to see her and am grateful to have her as a caring, meaninful and knowledgable health professional.”

~Mrs. F.


“I wanted to offer a few words regarding the information and knowledge I have received from Cindy Carroll. Besides the wealth of information that she provides concerning sensible eating habits and the dangers resulting from inaction, Ms. Carroll has also been a true source of emotional encouragement. Ms. Carroll is never judgmental, always positive and tireless in developing different approaches to keeping me on track. Regardless of the inevitable ups an downs, I have never felt discouraged. Thanks for your knowledge, insight and of course your sense of humor.”

Stay well,



“Cindy has helped me so much.. with so many things!  I wasn’t aware of a lot of the products she mentioned (that I now buy). I had no idea about guidelines for carbs, fat etc. I’ve changed my supplements based on her advice. I’ve learned so much about cholesterol, testosterone. Cindy is so informed about current research I’ve made some significant changes and the results are finally showing. If my doctor takes me off some medications that I’m currently on, my visits to Cindy will  prove to be even more valuable!”