Nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals are big business and a daunting industry. Trying to decide if in fact you need a nutritional supplement and then which products are safe and possibly beneficial can be overwhelming.  Nutrition To Fit You has joined hands with Fullscript a platform for clinicians to dispense professional grade products more efficiently and customized to your treatment plan. Anyone is welcome to set up a Full Script account, browse the FullScript site and order supplements. Cindy, however, only directly makes recommendations regarding supplements for clients who are under her care.

Cindy also has an account with Wellevate supplement dispensary from Emerson Ecologics and Xmogen products. If you are ordering products from Wellevate, Cindy will send you an email invitation and you can have full access to purchase on your own.

Xymogen products can only be purchased through Xymogen’s website with a clinician's name and code.  After consulting with Cindy, she will provide you with her Xymogen code if their products are appropriate for you.  

*Disclaimer: Purchasing these supplements from any party other than from a healthcare practitioner or directly from the manufacturer may increase your risk from impurities. Despite the great care given to supplement recommendations, Cindy is not responsible for any harm as a result of supplement use for clients or anyone else purchasing on this website who is not a client. Your reliance on any information provided on Nutrition To Fit You  website or any linked websites is soley educational and at your own risk.

Financial Disclosure: By purchasing professional supplements through Fullscript and Nutrition To Fit You, you willl receive the highest quality supplements at a discount and Nutrition To Fit receives a small commission that is invested back into nutrition continuing education.