The Seductive Land of Carbs


The Seductive Land of Carbs


How Carb Savvy Are You?

• What do your genes have to do with your carbohydrate tolerance?

• Why is blood sugar awareness as important as blood pressure awareness?

• How do carbohydrates affect gut health?

• Do you need to jump on the gluten-free train?

• Is ketosis for you? How low-carb do you need to go?

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"Carbs” have become a popular word in nutrition and diet circles but the public’s knowledge of them is superficial. Carbohydrates are a misunderstood class of nutrients. You may love them or you may hate them but do you really know them; why we need them and why too many can wreck havoc with your body?

The purpose of this book is to help you navigate the land of carbohydrates so you will better understand this class of nutrients. Everyone has a carbohydrate tolerance that works best for his or her body. Find the type and amount that is best for you and watch your waistline and digestion improve.

Carbohydrates are one of three macronutrients that we get calories from in food; the other two are protein and fat. We need all three to stay healthy but carbs may be the least agreed upon macronutrient in terms of how much is required for the best maintenance of health. This book offers an insightful approach looking at the paths that carbohydrates take in the body after we eat them. It is not a diet book or a cookbook but rather it thoroughly exams what carbohydrates are, where they are found, and how they affect health and disease.

Take the Carbohydrate Wake Up Challenge and get a reality check of what your carb world really looks like. Then use one of two systemic approaches to help determine your “best tolerance level”. For many it takes away the need to ever go on a “diet” again. Carbohydrates are so connected to so many systems in our body; it’s nearly impossible to not see improvements in your health when you adjust your intake. With a little practice you will become a master at shuffling around your own carbohydrate intake to best suit your needs.

"Learning what to eat is the key to your success in controlling or normalizing your blood sugar, triglycerides, appetite, and/or belly fat. This concise book will teach you to identify which foods to limit; you get to choose by how much and what to eat instead. It's all about the carbs and processed foods and after reading this you too will know exactly why.

Cindy Carroll has put together a step-by-step learning guide, which will motivate you to start your transformation. I highly recommend that you read this book first! You may not need to search any further to clear the confusion and start eating great!"

Denise Bara, MS, RD, CDE Nutrition Consultant

• A great book for health professionals who need a simple, systematic approach to assess their clients’ carbohydrate tolerance.

• A great book for individuals who want to lose weight, improve digestion and live healthier.