Personalized Integrative Nutrition/Wellness Care

  • In person nutrition/wellness consults

  • Virtual Consults-  Skype/phone/Facetime consults. Cindy offers flexibility with regard to length of phone appointments: 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

  • Communication With Your Health Care Team- As part of your care, Cindy will communicate with anyone on your health care team: physician, nurse, counselor etc at your request.  Many clients find this communication invaluable, particularly in obtaining certain lab tests but also just in better understanding their health care choices.

  • Registered Dietitian and Registered Nurse Coaching:  If you are new to the functional nutrition model or maybe you could use another set of eyes to review your client case histories, Cindy offers one-on-one coaching sessions for registered dietitians and registered nurses. Learn key components of the functional nutrition medicine model in assessing your clients. To book a consultation and for pricing inquiries please email

Forms: For all initial appointments including a first time phone appointment, Cindy will send you a welcome letter, medical/health/lifestyle questionnaires and HIPPA consent form to complete before your appointment.

Initial Consultation- 90 minutes

Each initial visit includes a nutrition physical exam and thorough assessment of nutrition, medical, psychosocial and food/diet history. This is an in-depth exchange and examination of what has brought you to where your health is today. Also included as desired: review of supplements and medications, measurements of weight, height, waist and hip circumference and blood pressure, nail and skin check and establishment of initial short and long term goals. We will look at your stress levels, triggers and other factors that may be interfering with you leading a balanced life. At each visit we create an action plan with goals best suited for you, correcting and adjusting along the way.

Follow Up Appointments-30 or 60 minutes.

Each follow up visit includes a close look at behavior strategies that will best help you succeed. Assessment of progress and changes including diet, medication and supplement changes, waist and hip measurements and blood pressure monitoring as desired; revision of goals as necessary, ongoing nutritional and medical education.

Package Care

If you’d like to work with Cindy to lose weight or for a particular medical condition and also have more communication in-between appointments, Cindy offers a Three Month Wellness PackageCindy provides a free phone screening to help you decide which option works best for you.  If you decide to purchase appointments individually and not in a package, then most questions must be reserved for another appointment. 

Basic Package: 

Initial 90 minute consult and two one hour follow ups.

Three Month Wellness Package   

Work with Cindy for three months and together, you will lay the groundwork for a healthy you. The first two weeks, learn how to safely “detox” to help “jump start” your plan, whether it be for weight loss or if you are addresing certain GI issues.  By the end of three months you will have directly addressed your eating patterns and health issues, including SIBO, IBS, or if you are on the path to diabetes. This package includes the initial consult, scheduled phone or office follow ups every two weeks, weekly email communication, Fullscript supplement access, DIY resources and customized meal plans. 


Cindy realizes that sometimes it is the emotional support and accountability that is the most important and in this regard she can email, as needed, without additional charge. However, if you want closer email communication that requires more attention– to accurately and carefully respond, particularly regarding supplements– Cindy's  Three Month Wellness may work for you.  Otherwise, lengthy email questions should be saved for a scheduled appointment.

What is a Patient Health Care Advocate?

Cindy strong clinical background as a nutritionist and nurse allows her to comfortably work with your health care team. She will communicate with your physician, nurse or counselor regarding a particular concern upon your request.  She can review your medical history for any health issue, recommend labs, communicate with any care provider, as well as have “strategy sessions” to outline most important information to cover at a physician or other medical appointment.