Psych/Emotional Counseling:

Welcome Diane Pascucci!  Diane is a clinical nurse specialist with a focus in psychiatric health.  She also has a masters degree in education.  Diane has over twenty five years working with individuals who have anxiety and depression, learning disabilities, ADHD, PTSD,  and chronic illness, as well grieving the pain of significant losses. She has worked in hospitals, clinics, private practice and in school systems including high school and universities, supporting students with LD and ADHD. 

Diane understands the importance of a good-fit and encourages clients to pay attention to how they feel about the interaction during their session.  Do you feel understood and supported during the work of therapy?  Working with a therapist and coach who is a good fit will provide the fuel needed to get going. 

Diane appreciates the big picture – looking at life from her clients’ perspective and watching their progress and transformation.  Clients may not always arrive with a clear idea of what they need – only knowing that something needs to change. The desire for change, receptivity to support, and ability for introspection fosters the partnership of working together. Sometimes all that is needed for an individual to improve their quality of life is the empathy and compassion of a seasoned professional. Using insight and knowledge of your own unique combination of genetics, interaction style, problem solving approaches, and inner strengths provides Diane the needed compass for your success.

For more information about Diane’s service contact Diane at: or 781. 275.2830