Master Your Weight Loss

The weight loss treadmill - losing, then gaining—over and over.  Weight control is big business. There is no shortage of weight loss programs in America—a reflection of our futile effort to lose weight. 

The magic formula for weight loss seems elusive for many folks. Indeed, for some the struggle is never ending. Weight loss is on the minds of most of my clients in my practice. People come to see me with a range of advanced chronic diseases and so many of them—just, plain do not feel well. Getting to the bottom of why someone feels so poorly and actually seeing their health improve is the best part of my job. Often losing weight is a major part of their improvement.  

Truth be told, the weight loss equation is not that simple. Not all calories are created equal, nor are any two people created equal. So the “calories in — calories out” equation is much more complicated and very much a misnomer.  Plus, the research on the gut microbiome and nutragenetics/nutragenomics is showing how truly individual weight managment is.

PureGenomics Mapping.  Know Your SNPS- an important tool in your weight loss tool kit.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs are small "tweaks" or variations in your DNA proteins. We all have thousands of snps. Some are more relavent than others. Identifying the snps that are relevant to your weight control and how you process food can give you an edge in managing your weight. You are truly making the changes that match your DNA. 

Cindy has training in nutragenetics and nutragenomics--the relationship of nutrients with your genes.   With your permission, she is able to submit your 23 and me results to Puregenomics.  Puregenomics has the tools to intrepet your most relevant snps.  Not all genetic markers from a 23 and me or other genetic testing are supported by the same amount and quality of research. A scientific  and priority  rating is assigned for each SNP to help practitioners determine which SNPs should be preferentially considered over others.

Who is this for? 

  • If you have already done a 23 and me test and are not sure what to do with the results or are curious and want to complete a 23 and me test for yourself.  With the help of PureGenomic research, Cindy can help you make sense of your results.
  • If you have tried with no success to lose weight, knowing your snps may help.  For certain people who have stubborn weight gain or an inability to lose weight, knowing your snps will give an indication of what diet  composition might work best for you and which nutrients you may need more help to adequately absorb.

How to Use PureGenomics

1.  Purchase and submit a 23 and Me test.

2.  After your results are complete, Cindy will submit them to a HIPAA protected account with PureGenomics.  PureGenomics has done the research to extrapolate the most relavent snps to your health.  

3.  Make an appointment with Cindy to review your results.


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While weight loss is important, what’s more important is the quality of food you put in your body - food is information that quickly changes your metabolism and genes. Mark Hyman, MD
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