Personalized Solutions

Cindy will customize your integrative nutrition plan for your unique body

Package Care

Do you walk away from medical appointments not feeling completely heard or perhaps even with only a prescription in hand?  Oh, yeah, and still feeling poorly too.  This is where package care with an integrative clinician can make a difference.  Working with Cindy for three months to lose weight or for a particular medical condition gives you more communication in-between appointments, and actually address the root cause of what might be going on--and yes, see results:  weight loss, clothes fitting better, improved GI function, improved skin, more energy. 

Three Month Wellness Package   

Work with Cindy for three months and together you will lay the groundwork for a healthier you, while making transformative changes to your lifestyle. By the end of three months your body and mind will feel an improved wellness: more energy, better focus, weight loss, improved blood sugars.  You will directly address your eating patterns and health issues, including mindfulness behaviors, weight control, SIBO, IBS, diabetes, and exercise.  This package includes the initial consult, every other week scheduled phone or office follow ups, weekly email communication, Fullscript supplement access, Puregenomic access, DIY resources and custom made food plans.   

Basic Package 

Cindy’s basic package provides the foundation for beginning important lifestyle changes and is an opportunity to identify the root causes of your ill health. Includes initial consult (90 minutes) and four 45-minute follow up.  Puregenomics testing available and custom meal plans.  Appointments must be used within one year from the initial appointment. This package provides limited email support inbetween appointments.

Forms: For all initial appointments including a first time phone appointment, Cindy will send you a welcome letter, medical/health/lifestyle questionnaires and HIPPA consent form to complete before your appointment.

**Both the basic package and three month program offer monthly retainer follow up, if desired.

Initial Consultation

Each initial visit includes a nutrition physical exam and thorough assessment of nutrition, medical, psychosocial and food/diet history. This is an in-depth exchange and examination of what has brought you to where your health is today. Also included as desired: review of supplements and medications, measurements of weight, height, waist and hip circumference and blood pressure, nail and skin check and establishment of initial short and long term goals. We will look at your stress levels, triggers and other factors that may be interfering with you leading a balanced life. At each visit we create an action plan with goals best suited for you, correcting and adjusting along the way.

Follow Up Appointments

Each follow up visit includes a close look at behavior strategies that will best help you succeed. Assessment of progress and changes including diet, medication and supplement changes, waist and hip measurements and blood pressure monitoring as desired; revision of goals as necessary, ongoing nutritional and medical education.

What is a Patient Health Care Advocate?

Cindy strong clinical background as a nutritionist and nurse allows her to comfortably work with your health care team. She will communicate with your physician, nurse or counselor regarding a particular concern upon your request.  She can review your medical history for any health issue, recommend labs, communicate with any care provider, as well as have “strategy sessions” to outline most important information to cover at a physician or other medical appointment.


Many of my clients tell me that years later they still remember my sessions and practice my tips to help them get through sticky times.