Nutritional supplements or nutraceuticals are big business and a daunting industry. Trying to decide if in fact you need a nutritional supplement and then which products are safe and possibly beneficial can be overwhelming.

Supplements are not permission for a reckless diet or lifestyle. They can, however, do just as their name states — supplement. They can supplement your diet and lifestyle and support your body’s natural functions. They can help replenish a deficiency and support metabolic pathways that enable key things to happen. My strong nutrition and nursing education and years of experience can help you safely decide which supplements may be beneficial for you.

Emerson Ecologics is a leading nutritional supplement distributor for health professionals, staffed by leading research physicians and naturopathic clinicians who study nutrition, health and disease and the appropriate use of supplements. The companies and products associated with Emerson Ecologics all adhere to a strict quality assurance program above the standard USP label requirements.

Recently Emerson Ecologics has joined hands with Fullscript a platform for clinicians to dispense Emerson Ecologics products more efficiently and customized to your treatment plan. To order products as one of my clients, I will send you an email invitation and upon your acceptance, I can then directly send you a supplement recommendation. Also, once you’ve accepted my invitation, you can browse the Fullscript site and purchase on your own. 

Please contact Cindy if you have any questions or to request a supplement recommendation.